How do I order Eat More Bakery products?

Products can be ordered directly from the website. Customers can also text or call (828) 713-5222 to place individual orders. Please allow 48 hours for individual orders to be ready. Products are baked fresh on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so they will be freshest if picked up between 3 and 5 p.m. on those days.

Do you have a store front?

No, but customers are still able to pre-order fresh, gluten free products from this small, local, owner-operated business. All products are made individually with 48 hours notice and must be picked up in North Asheville/Woodfin (please call or text for the address!). Eat More Bakery does not deliver to individual homes and is not open on Sundays.

Where can I buy Eat More Bakery products?

Eat More Bakery products are available to purchase at the following stores: Where to Buy

Eat More Bakery products are also available at the Asheville City Market (Saturdays) between April and October: Asheville City Market Website

What eateries feature Eat More Bakery products?

The following eateries feature Eat More Bakery products: Where to Try

How is gluten free bread different from bread with gluten?

The ingredients and flours used are different. However, as far as shelf life and storage are concerned, these breads should be treated the same. For example, Eat More Bakery bread is best enjoyed fresh, although freezing products will allow them to be stored for a longer period of time.

Store gluten free breads much the same way you would any other bread. When fresh, these breads can be kept on the counter (at room temperature) for 2-3 days. If you refrigerate the bread, it will last for 7-10 days. When frozen, the bread will keep well for 2 months. Please note: If you purchase Eat More breads frozen, store them in the freezer! If you thaw and then attempt to refreeze the bread, it will greatly affect the bread’s quality.

Can I freeze my bread?

Yes. Eat More Bakery bread can be stored well for 2 months in a freezer. Like bread with gluten, if your bread is frozen, it will be best enjoyed toasted once being removed from the freezer. Also, if your bread thaws, refreezing it will greatly affect the quality of the bread.

What ingredients are used to replace traditional bread ingredients?

Eat More Bakery uses more than a dozen gluten free flours. All breads are made in-house using custom blends specially created by the pastry chef. Here is a comprehensive list of the flours we use: Ingredients We Use

Do you make cakes for special occasions?

Yes, we do! We decorate cakes in a simple, classic style, but please keep in mind that we are not professional cake decorators! Our designs feature simple borders, clean lines, and a short statement (e.g., Happy Birthday!) written in organic dark chocolate. To ensure the cakes are chemical-free, we do not use any food coloring.