A graduate of Meredith College and Johnson & Wales University, Rebekah Abrams has been a longtime fixture in the professional kitchens of independent restaurants and bakeries, both in Asheville, North Carolina, where she has lived and worked for eighteen years, and Charleston, South Carolina. While the founder and pastry chef of Eat More Bakery certainly learned from her time in those settings, the seed that grew into a lifelong passion for all things food-related was planted very early by generations of food-loving family members.

Rena Parker, Rebekah’s great-grandmother, operated a well-respected and much-loved cafe in Suffolk, Virginia. Parker’s daughter and Rebekah’s grandmother, Peggy Pilout, bestowed in her family a love of Southern foods, and Sundays spent around her table guaranteed a fried chicken dinner with seasonal vegetables, freshly grown by family patriarch and Rebekah’s grandfather, Jimmy “Pop” Pilout. Rebekah’s paternal grandmother, Betty Abrams, brought a delightful variety of choices to her Northern table, and her family feasts were loved as much for the savory courses as for their abundance of pies and cookies. 

In Rebekah’s childhood home in coastal Virginia, everyone was expected to sit down together for meals, and family members were all too happy to comply with this rule. While her mother enjoyed creating homemade delicacies like angel biscuits, her father also had culinary experience, having learned to cook in the Navy, and contributed to family meals with vegetables grown in his garden as well. These days, her parents throw oyster roasts for friends and host family gatherings at the holidays, continuing the tradition of sharing the love of food with others. 

This multi-generational commitment to fabulous food is evident in the quality and variety of products available at Eat More Bakery. As her parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents did before her, Rebekah remains focused on using the freshest, most nutritious ingredients available to produce a wide range of yummy baked goods for all to enjoy.