Gluten-Free Flour Power

Living Without’s guide to choosing and using gluten-free flours.
From beans and grains to tubers and seeds, there’s a rich and wonderful array of delicious and nutritious flours waiting for you.
Keep in mind that baking gluten-free requires using a mix of flours. If you’re new to gluten-free baking, start with our standard blends or purchase an all-purpose commercial blend at your local natural food store. Once you’re comfortable with the nuances of a basic gluten-free blend, try introducing new flour varieties slowly into your repertoire. In time, you’ll be able to customize recipes to your individual preferences.
Knowing the properties and uses for alternative flours sets you on track for selecting the ones best suited for each baking application. As you learn how to use these flours, you can remake your favorite foods without compromising taste and texture. In fact, you can add essential vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber to your baked goods, fortifying your diet in flavorful ways.