Pies and Sweet Treats
Classic Pumpkin Pie (9”)                        $26
Organic pumpkin, sweetened w org maple and molasses
                                               Vegan option                              $28
Georgia Pecan Pie (9”)                           $28
Sweetened w org maple, org agave and molasses
Hendersonville Apple Crumb Pie (9”)       $26
Sweetened w housemade brown sugar 
                                               Vegan option                               $28
 Banana Banana Bread Pudding - limited quantity   $17
Fresh banana slices, banana bread “croutons”, vegan
Serves 4, freezes well
Breads and such
          Pie Crust 9”, frozen    $7
                               vegan    $8
Parker House Rolls 7ct       $7
Dinner Rolls, 6ct                 $5
                         Classic White, vegan
                         Seeded Grain, vegan
Orders due by Sunday, November 21 
Pick up Monday, Nov 22, 3-5pm, OR Tuesday, Nov 23, 9-12pm